We The People...

In Order to Form a More Perfect Beverage, Establish Purity and Insure Domestic Flavor! Provide that there’s enough for everyone! Promote the general welfare of consumers everywhere, Secure the blessings of liberty to enjoy American Vodka just the way you want it:
America on the Rocks! America Straight Up! Shake It Up America!
Oh Say Can You See? My Country tis of Thee! On Every Mountainside! From Sea to Shining Sea! A Vodka for the People… By the People! To Share with Other People! Made from the finest Natural Elements America has to offer!
When You Buy American, You Earn Our Pledge: American Premium Vodka will donate $1.00 of Every Bottle Sold to the American Legion in Honor of Real American Heros – Our Veterans!

President and a Proud Son of the American Legion Pat Tillman Post #117


Donates $1 from every bottle sold to the American Legion in honor of real American heroes - our veterans!


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